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  • Information on the administrative-territorial unit :
    features of the map
    System requirements:
    1.4 or higher version of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) program of the firm "Sun Microsystems" is required to activate an interactive map of Azerbaijan on the site (
    In absence of JVM program, window, offering automatic installation of that program, is opened in the portal.
    Fast loading:
    User is offered to save the information on its computer for not loading twice large-scale information from Internet entering the site next time. For not having the next question repeated, the reply "always" is preferable to an appropriate question in dialogue window.
    Receiving the information on the administrative-territorial units:
    By moving mouse cursor on the map, current administrative-territorial unit (ATU) is activated, respective of place of cursor, with backgrounds and outlines and at the same time its title is displayed on the upper right corner of window. By clicking left button of "mouse" on the activated ATU, appropriate detailed information is loaded from Database. That information is shown with classified blocks in form of catalogues opened below the map. As well by selecting ATU required on "select box" it will automatically be navigated on the map.
    Makes the map of Azerbaijan available in various suitable scales.
    Map scrolling:
    Map can be moved in any direction through horizontal and vertical "scroll". More convenient "scrolling" of the map is available in the following way: keep pushing the button "Ctrl" and move the cursor by keeping the left button of "mouse" pushed (Dragging).
    Check Boxes:
    Shows the certain information layers (for instance, "Relief", "Residential areas", "Rivers, lakes"). Note: Layers "Residential areas", "Relief", "Rivers, lakes", "Railways", "Motorways" are enabled after appropriate information is loaded.